Why Cardinals Fans Honk For Jaime

Thanks to our friends over at Pitchers Hit Eighth, St. Louis Cardinals fans have been Honking for Jaime (Garcia) for the last two seasons.  He is a special young talent, but until now has been somewhat of a regional novelty.   Not any more.   He will be starting Game One of the 2011 National League Championship Series (NCLS) in one of the biggest games of his young career.

If you want to become a Garcia fan, and start honking like the rest of the Cardinals fans, all you need to do is watch this interview from Saturday, October 8.   That will tell you all you need to know about the young man.

When asked if the Cardinals strategy is not to let Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder beat him, Garcia answered the question with a discussion of how he has faced them before, has a history and that his pitching coach has a plan.   It’s the next question that should make you a Garcia fan.   It started with a condescending “what he meant was”.  That was met with an answer as sharp as his 90 mph cutter – “look, when they step up to the plate it doesn’t matter who they are.  If I execute my pitches, I will be fine.  If the manager says work around them, I work around them.  If he says pitch to them, I need to execute my pitches”.

Strike three (looking).

What is that sound I hear ?  You are honking for Jaime now, aren’t you ?   Welcome to Cardinals Nation, we are glad to have you.

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