Suspensions, Awards and a Clown of the Week !

4th line ? R Z E P C Z Y N S K I

On Thursday, the MLB has announced that Cardinals catcher, Yadier Molina, has been suspended 5 games for a confrontation with umpire, Rob Drake.  Molina took exception to a called third strike, and approached the umpire aggressively.  The two exchanged words, and perhaps some bodily fluids.

For arguing the called strike, Drake was well within his rights to eject Molina, and should have done so.  He should also have realized that the catcher was hot and animated, and the stuff flying out of his mouth might be more than consonants and vowels.

Coincidently, at the same time as the MLB press release, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have announced that Rob Drake is a finalist in the category of best actor in a drama series for his performance in that baseball game.  Here’s Drake when he heard the news of his selection.

I am just overwhelmed. I can't begin to tell you what this means to me.

Of course, you all know what happens next, right ?  Yes, another Clown of the Week.

The penalty handed out to Yadier Molina is ridiculous.  Of course, it will be appealed, and the punishment will be reduced to 2 or 3 games.   The fact that the story will continue to linger is a far larger embarrassment than anything these two did on the field, and the MLB league office should be ashamed of themselves.

This just in – according to Fox Sports Midwest, Molina will not appeal his suspension and will begin serving it starting with tonight’s (Aug 4) game in Florida.

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