Pre-season poll time

Even though the first spring training exhibition game is still 24 hours away, a lot has happened in Cardinals Nation.

  • Lance Berkman arrives at camp as a much leaner and hopefully meaner player
  • Chris Carpenter helps Shelby Miller avoid a bad habit where he’s tipping his pitches
  • Matt Holliday says that he’s willing to defer salary if it helps with the Albert Pujols contract extension
  • The Albert Pujols contract deadline passed by like Y2K (much ado about nothin’)
  • Albert Pujols publicly states that he would use his 10-5 veto rights to refuse a trade
  • Adam Wainwright suffers a season ending elbow injury and will have TJ surgery
  • Some player on the Reds made some inflammatory comments
  • Chris Carpenter indicated that he would not block any trade the Cardinals would propose
  • A palm tree has yet to fall on David Freese

What a fun couple of weeks.  I’m exhausted, and the first exhibition pitch hasn’t even happened yet.  Pace yourself, Bob – it’s gonna be a long season.

After reading Dennis @ PH8’s latest article, The Devil’s Advocate vs Chris Carpenter,  it got me wondering about how other people’s opinions of some players has changed, without any on-the-field heroics (or struggles) to get in the way.

So, why not do a quick three question poll.

And finally, given all that has gone on, plus the individual’s body of work ……

I am really looking forward to the results of these three questions.

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2 Responses to Pre-season poll time

  1. Laura says:

    That list made me tired just reading it! Hard to believe so much has happened already. Loved the polls! Fun!


    • Thanks Laura. Glad you like the poll. Will be interesting to see the results when it closes out.

      Fortunately, the last couple of games have passed without a lot of drama, so hoping for an injury free end to spring training 🙂


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