A new name, but same old content

Thanks to everybody for sending in some great blog name suggestions.   There were quite a few good ones, and it made choosing rather difficult.   An early favorite was Tales from the Knothole – it perfectly describes what I’m trying to do with this blog.  That was until I went searching for a graphic to use as a logo.  The first one I stumbled on was a very creepy Francis Dolarhyde (Red Dragon) type character, and that sort of spoiled the name.

Fortunately, our friend Dathan Brooks, of Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight fame, quickly came to the rescue, and this photo sums up his suggestion perfectly.

That’s right.   The Outside Corner was Bob Gibson’s domain.   He owned it, and would make a career putting every imaginable pitch right there.   If you wanted to challenge him out there, you might find out that he also owned just a wee bit of the inside part as well.

It is in the honor of all of those great hurlers from the 60s (and later) that I will name this blog, On the Outside Corner.   Thanks Dathan for the suggestion, it was perfect.

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3 Responses to A new name, but same old content

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  2. This is a great new name — especially because of the Gibson tie-in!


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