Help me rename this blog ….. please!!!

Yes, I think it is time to give this blog a sensible name, and I’m asking for your assistance in doing just that.

When I started this Cardinals blog, it was just meant to store a couple of stories that had been posted in a Google Wave in the event that they shut it down.   And they did, but then they didn’t.

There was no plan to continue writing, and certainly not as a contributor to I-70 Baseball, so there was no real need to come up with a cool blog name.  Now I wish I had.

Oh, there are some great blog names out there.  Viva El Birdos (great historical reference), Pitchers Hit 8th, PAH9 (Play a Hard 9, but I like it better as Pitchers Always Hit 9th), Bleed Cardinals Red With Me, Welcome to Baseball Heaven, RetroSimba (there’s that historical thing again).  Even Aaron Miles Fastball makes me laugh each time I read it, just by it’s name.

So I think it’s time for Throatwarber to be designated for assignment (DFA) and sent packing.   The name has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, the Cardinals – heck, it’s not even an American reference.

I’ve given this some thought.  OK, it was over a diet coke last night at dinner, but that’s not the point.   The names that I came up with all sound overly pretentious or stuffy and that’s why I’m asking for your help.   The only condition is that that the name needs to be available at

My *yawn* initial thoughts were

  • Cardinal Tales
  • Redbird Tales (ok, so I’m not very creative)
  • And there he goes (I can’t tell you how many times I heard Harry Caray and Jack Buck say that – and That’s a Winner is way too pretentious)
  • Tony’s Doghouse (does that really need any explanation???)

This is where you all come in.  Please send some suggestions (or pick one of those four) and help me name this blog.   If you don’t want to put your ideas in the comments, feel free to send me a Twitter DM to @Throatwarbler (which will probably go next).

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11 Responses to Help me rename this blog ….. please!!!

  1. Bill Ivie says:

    ….Bob’s Redbird Banter….
    ….Bedtime Bird Stories…
    ….Gashouse Tales… (maybe I’m not creative either)

    Anxious to see what you come up with…


  2. Whatdapint says:

    Tales from the Knothole

    You tell stories with similar enthusiasm as Sandlot and Radio Days. This in turns makes me think of how kids use to watch games through the knotholes in the outfield fence.


  3. Erika says:

    The Classic Cardinals
    Cardinal Classics

    I’ll keep thinking 😉


  4. Dennis says:

    This is actually a lot harder than it sounds at first. Here, go be creative, RIGHT NOW! Seriously, I couldn’t think of anything really clever, but I’m hoping someone else can. For now, I leave you with “10th Inning Stretch”, “The643”, “TailsAndTales”, “What Would Gibby Do”, and “A Rambling Fan”. I also liked “The Cardinal Cuss Jar”, but I figured you might want a family friendly name, and that one doesn’t imply rated-G, even though the content would be.


  5. Kat89447 says:

    It seems like such a simple task, until you try to think of one. lol I love Tony’s doghouse but that might limit you (or not) depending on the season.
    I’m not very creative either but here’s some:
    Busch Tales
    Card’s in the Busch
    Birds on the bat
    Cardinals Clubhouse

    Don’t know if they are available but I gave it a shot. lol


  6. Erika says:

    Once Upon a Cardinal

    —ooooo…I like that: Tales from the Knothole! 😉


  7. Kat89447 says:

    I vote for Tales from the knot hole.


  8. Cardinal70 says:

    I will say Tales From The Knothole would be tough to beat.

    Other possibilities, guaranteed to be extremely lame:

    Baseball In St. Lou
    A Scrappy, Gritty Blog
    Bob Gibson’s Windup (goes perfectly with Stan Musial’s Stance!)
    Club Flip
    Route 66 Baseball (a slower alternative to I70!)

    Of course, Play A Hard 9 is now available as well….

    I was going to suggest Damage In The Two Hole, but I am afraid you might get a different sort of clientele then.


  9. Gina Bennett says:

    I like “Tales from the Knothole” too. I love your tales of Cardinal’s history.


  10. retrosimba says:


    You hit on something with the references to Jack Buck and Harry Caray. Maybe you can find a name through a connection there. Could be something as easy as Buck At Bat (like his radio show was called) or Holy Cow….

    If you wanted to get really out there, remember how Harry would try to spell the names of players backwards and then pronounce them. You could call the blog: Yarac Yrrah. Then again…..



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