Cardinal Nation's New Public Enemy #1 is …….

Not Brandon Phillips.

Yadi the Enforcer

As much as I love that photo, and the memories of the Cincinnati series last August, Phillips is not a problem for the Cardinals in 2011.   Yes, he did spout off his mouth, like many competitive players do.   Sure, we took extreme exception to those comments, as we were meant to.   But, Phillips owned up to them like a professional and pretty much laid an egg against the Cardinals – how about a line of .236/.276/.292.  Nope, I don’t think we’re going to hear much more out of Mr Phillips for a while.  Not that I admire him, I don’t, but he didn’t complain while laying that ostrich sized cackleberry.

So, if it’s not Brandon Phillips, who is the new Public Enemy No. 1 of Cardinals Nation ?

That’s right, Johnny Cueto.

We need to have a long memory, Cardinals fans.  Let’s not forget

This is the Johnny Cueto that we need to remember for the next few seasons.  The one that ended Jason LaRue’s season, and ultimately his career.   The one who kicked violently at other Cardinals, including Chris Carpenter.   The one who just signed a contract extension, meaning he will have plenty of chances to play against the Cardinals for the next few seasons.

The proper response

Before we all start talking basebrawl or suggesting that a Cardinals pitcher throw at Cueto or any member of the Reds, please take a look at this article from I-70 Baseball where we look at the consequences of bean-ball.   That is just not good baseball, and Cardinals Nation is all about good baseball.

It was an unfortunate situation for all players involved, including Cueto.  It all happened quickly, and nobody really knows how they would have reacted in a similar situation (although kicking an opposing player in the head wouldn’t be in my top 10, but that’s easy to say while typing at a computer).

The proper thing to do as a Cardinals fan is make him welcome at Busch Stadium.  Let’s hear 40,000+ voices all shouting out his name (and whatever else you choose to append to it).   Over and over and over and over.   If  he walks a batter or throws a bad pitch, make sure that he knows that we are an observant audience, and pay it the respect it deserves.   In the 1980’s, the sound of the crowd chanting “Darryl” had to get under Darryl Strawberry’s skin, and Strawberry was a pretty tough customer.  That’s just the thing that we need to hear again in 2011, but to a repetitive chorus of “Johnny”.

Oh, this is going to be a wonderful season of baseball.  I can hardly wait for it to begin.

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2 Responses to Cardinal Nation's New Public Enemy #1 is …….

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  2. Kat89447 says:

    I have to say that there is no love lost for Mr. Cueto, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the crowd in St. Louis, if he doesn’t have another “family emergency” this season too.
    He cost a man the right to decide when he retired, and showed such a lack of sportsmanship that seriously seemed like straight up assault. Jason LaRue was the hero that day, but it cost him the rest of the season and the right to find his own end to his career, the only thing worse is that, if not for LaRue, those kicks would have hit Carp straight on. I don’t even want to think about what a couple of kicks to the head or back could have done to his career. I sure hope when Cueto makes his first appearance in St. Louis, that LaRue is sitting dead center behind home plate with his friends and family. I think having to look at him and his family, knowing what you cost him personally would be more unsettling (at least I hope so) than fans howling your name.
    While I am not advocating throwing at any player, I would imagine that someone will get a mark. Memories are long and Don Tony IS in charge.


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